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High 90s is a licensed cannabis brand that strives to deliver a consistent product to medical and recreational users across the United States. Founded in 2019, their inspiration came from trying to bring that 90’s California vibe back while also creating a brand that wasn’t intimidating when it came to experimenting with cannabis.

Their products which includes High 90s pre roll and disposable carts are perfect for breaking the ice with strangers, group sessions with friends, or a solo journey.



Are High 90s Disposables for sale good?


Smooth and full, it feels like taking a hit of great flower. For any THC vape device, quality can first be measured by the draw—the ease, smoothness and fullness experienced when you take a drag. Many vape devices, even some of the expensive non-disposable ones, fail in that department but High 90s reviews will prove otherwise. Order High 90s Disposable Online now.

Buy High 90's Disposables

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