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Glo Extracts Products New Packaging Review

Buy Glo Extracts’ Glo Extracts new packaging is exactly what makes them one of the innovators in the cannabis business.

Buy Glo Extracts Vape Carts Glo Extracts is leading the way in transparency and customer service within the community.

Verification Process

There is a QR code on the brand new packaging of all of Glo Extract’s cartridges that will take you to their website where you can see lab results that pertain to that cartridge that you have scanned. Another thing to check for in the verification process is that you see the “Made in the USA” gold sticker on the new packaging. It’s so cool that a cannabis company came up with a verification process to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.

Are They Good?

Glo Extracts is fantastic because you have more insights to what you are purchasing than most other cannabis companies have. The mood boards that you will find on the website have charts that show you how you feel after using the cartridge. The taste of the cartridge is highly rated as well as the high that it gives you.

Having a way to tell how the cartridge will impact you means that you are more likely to select a cartridge that you are going to enjoy. Glo Extracts has been super transparent with everything that they are doing for their customers.


In the cannabis business, things change so quickly because it is fairly new. People are still figuring out how it should work and different companies are trying new things. In the era of risk management, Glo Extracts has focused heavily on its verification process. They have employed different ways of verification with their new packaging to give customers full transparency with their products.


The Glo Extracts verification process and the new packaging is part of what makes them one of the innovative companies in the cannabis business. Those safety features combined with the great taste and the high you get make Buy Glo Extracts a no-brainer to choose when searching for cartridges.

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